The Vision:

"Lifting High the Cross"   











The need for funding relates in part to our renewed vision for the church,

which has been called: 

“Lifting High the Cross”.



The Renewed Vision:


By January 2022 we will be

stronger in Christ,

and reaching out to impact the whole community, having grown significantly as a family of all ages.


Essentially the vision is 

to grow, reach out and be stronger in Christ.


The title Lifting High the Cross resonates with the Biblical proclamation of “Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 1:23).


The idea is that we should, individually and together, find effective ways to proclaim the gospel of Jesus. One aspect of this will be an increased emphasis on work with children and families. This may involve paying someone for elements of this new work as well as developing the volunteer teams.


More on the Vision


Our vision has 5 ‘thrusts’:


·      Growth


·      Greater Strength in Christ


·      Communications


·      Resources – personnel


·      Resources – buildings & finance




Expanding on each of the thrusts:




Growth – our main thrust


There will be growth in faith and a marked increase in the size of the congregation, notably in the number of children and families.




Stronger in Christ


There will be an improved use of small groups so that every church member has an opportunity to develop as a disciple of Christ, to encourage and be encouraged.






There will be an increasingly effective communications network to reach members and people in the area using a range of modern and traditional media.




Resources – Personnel


There will be training and more use of teams and individuals in various critical roles, paid and unpaid.




Resources – Buildings and Finances


There will be a review of all our property to ensure appropriate maintenance and improvement; there will also be increased donations to cover our increased commitments and our mission priorities, to give us options for growth and allow us generosity in away giving.




We also agreed that teams would be formed to take the vision forward.




Where has all this come from?




Our vision to be growing, reaching out and stronger in Christ, has been discerned by our Parochial Church Council (the PCC) in a long process of reflection through 2017. This has been led by the Vicar and Bryn Hughes, a specialist church consultant, who helped us in 1999 to discern the vision to be “Alive in Christ & at the Heart of our Community” with a particular thrust to build a new parish hall. This earlier vision has been significantly fulfilled and has been a source of blessing to both church and village.




The reflection this year has included a day of prayer and a questionnaire for the whole congregation. Our renewed vision arises in the particular context of Britain at this point in the 21st century. The Christian faith is coming under some pressure, and attendance, particularly in the traditional churches, is in decline. In contrast, Chalk Church remains relatively strong but senses a need to advance. The vision also emerges from our beliefs about our purpose and our values.




Our Purpose:




The fellowship of Chalk Church believes that:




We exist to worship God,


to grow in faith, understanding and numbers,


sharing and spreading,


God’s love and joy by word and deed.




Our Values:




Chalk Church is committed to:


listening to the Holy Spirit,


especially through the Bible as God’s word,


to shape all our values and actions; with God’s help we try to be: 




*Inviting         *Involving     *Together     *Joyful

*Welcoming    *Supportive    *Creative in Proclamation


How the Vision is developing:


We are beginning a new ministry reaching out to children and families with puppets.





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