NB 3 June (11am-3pm) Celebration Fair - at the Hall - marking 10 years of the new Chalk Parish Hall


Amongst other things, there will be: stalls of various kinds (some selling things, some games, some advertising churchy things and some advertising hall/village based activities), refreshments, a free slice of cake, dancing display and a BBQ.



The Chalk Parish Hall (DA12 2ND) is at the junction of Pirrip Close, Lower Higham Road and Chalk Road.

The current hall was built by the church in 2007 as the culmination of an approximately ten-year project to provide much needed facilities not only for the church but for the wider community. We are pleased that many people are able to use the hall and that the activities it facilitates such as the daily pre-school, 'Take-a-Break' and 'Tea & Toast' improve the quality of many lives.

We welcome careful use of the Hall from the community for various occasional events or the regular meetings of clubs and societies. Costs of hiring depend on various factors, eg length and regularity of bookings. A deposit will be required for occasional bookings. This is returnable if the Hall is left in the appropriate condition.

We wish to be good neighbours and so potentially very noisy events with alcohol are not  recommended.  


Hall Bookings:

Sue Hammock 07591 977832 sue.hammock@blueyonder.co.uk



Above: A Picture of Chalk Parish Hall

(The Hall is located in the centre of the village while Chalk Church - conspicuous by its tower - is located to the east of the village.)